Medical Translation

Medical Translation


We specialize in providing professional medical translations.

Having originated as a medical translation company, we have wide-ranging experience across the whole spectrum of the medical services industry, from pharmaceuticals, healthcare, hospital administration, dental, nursing, emergency care to healthcare insurance and medicine.

Our blend of experienced, skilled language professionals, industry experts, and project managers makes SIS ideal for even your most complex and specialist medical translation needs.

Translators Experienced in the Medical Industry



Linguistic and technical accuracy is very important in financial services. We achieve a consistently high standard in our medical translations by using only the most highly qualified translators and proofreaders who will either have an extensive background in the medical services industry or will have undergone specialized training in medical translation.

Different specializations within this industry obviously have their own linguistic usage. We carefully assemble the most appropriate team of translators, proofreaders and editors for each document and client. This approach is particularly important for ensuring the highest quality.

Client-tailored Project Management



Each client is provided with a dedicated project manager who is responsible for gaining an in-depth knowledge of the client’s operations, needs and preferences. This allows us to tailor language solutions that directly meet the client’s specifications.

Glossaries play an integral part of our quality assurance cycle and are built and maintained centrally. For regular clients, these glossaries reflect any specific client-internal terminology or usage, so that each translation is stylistically identical to the client’s existing corporate communications.

Our translation process ensures high quality and consistency throughout the translation of individual documents, which may have to be split between multiple translators and across multiple documents.

Unparalleled Commitment to Customer Service



Client confidentiality is paramount at SIS. We understand the sensitive nature of medical documents and keep all client-specific material in a highly secure knowledge base. Each employee and language professional is also bound by a non-disclosure agreement.

Our project managers are acutely aware of the importance of deadlines and personally guarantee both timely delivery and the professional quality of every translation. This dedication to customer service, combined with meticulous attention to linguistic detail, has allowed us to develop strong long-term relationships with the world’s leading companies in medical industry.

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