BBC评出2016必读的十本书 每本都是经典!

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 10. Yaa Gyasi, Homegoing


BBC评出2016必读的十本书 每本都是经典!

Gyasi creates an unforgettable cast of characters as she follows seven generations of a family through the dislocations and continuing repercussions of slavery.


9. Sarah Bakewell, At the Existentialist Café


BBC评出2016必读的十本书 每本都是经典!

Bakewell’s idiosyncratic begins At the Existentialist Café. She tracks the growth of Existentialism, and shows how its emphasis on authenticity and freedom are relevant today.



8. Ruth Franklin, Shirley Jackson: A Rather Haunted Life


BBC评出2016必读的十本书 每本都是经典!

Shirley Jackson was best known for literary suspense. Jackson’s unique contribution, writes Franklin, was “her primary focus” on the lives of her generation of women who were raised in the mid 20th Century.


7. Liz Moore, The Unseen World


BBC评出2016必读的十本书 每本都是经典!

Moore captures the powerful ties between father and daughter as she unspools a string of compelling scientific and personal mysteries.


6. Ben H Winters, Underground Airlines


BBC评出2016必读的十本书 每本都是经典!

Winters’ timely new work of speculative fiction is set in an alternative US: Lincoln never became president, the Civil War never happened, and there are still slaves in the certain states. Winters, an Edgar award winner, has crafted a fast-moving thriller with a contemporary ethical framework.


  5. Teju Cole, Known and Strange Things


BBC评出2016必读的十本书 每本都是经典!

Cole shows a breathtaking range in his splendid new collection of 55 essays. His cultural criticism is filled with surprising connections and intelligent provocations.


  4. Adam Haslett, Imagine Me Gone


BBC评出2016必读的十本书 每本都是经典!

Imagine Me Gone is a powerful story of loss and love. We’ve come to know intimately the joys and struggles of each member of a troubled family by its heart-wrenching conclusion.


  3. Ann Patchett, Commonwealth


BBC评出2016必读的十本书 每本都是经典!

Patchett, winner of the 2001 Orange Prize, opens her brilliantly structured new novel. Betrayals and forgiveness are at the centre of this complex and memorable family drama.


  2. CE Morgan, The Sport of Kings


BBC评出2016必读的十本书 每本都是经典!

Morgan’s ambitious and epic tale of a racehorse bred to win the Triple Crown of elite US thoroughbred contests spans several centuries.


1. Dana Spiotta, Innocents and Others


BBC评出2016必读的十本书 每本都是经典!

Spiotta raises questions about truth, reality and how the digital world is affecting us all in her new novel. An innovative and provocative stunner.


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